PPS Donation
Starting from 1st April 2013, you can donate via PPS. Our Merchant Code is "6197".
PPS Donation Procedure

1.      Open a PPS account 

Open a PPS account: http://www.ppshk.com/index_e.html

2.      Bill Registration

Registered account holders could dial 18011 or Login to the PPS account for bill registration. Click “Add Bill” and enter Merchant Code “6197”. Then click “Go”. Enter your mobile phone number as the “Bill Number” for our reference.

3.      Donation

- One-off

a. Dial 18031 or visit the PPS website. Please choose “1-Donations” as “Bill Type” and input your mobile phone number as the “Bill Number”. Enter the amount you want to donate and then click “Proceed”.

b. Jot down the “Payment Reference No.” and the date.

c. Fill in the “Donation Form” to let us know how you designate your gift.


- Monthly

a. Visit the PPS website.

b. Please choose “1-Donations” as “Bill Type”, set the donation amount and “Payment Date”(the first payment date).

c. Choose “Monthly” for Payment Type.

d. After successfully setting up the monthly payment instruction, please print or save the “confirmation page”.

5. Fill in the “Donation Form” to let us know how you designate your gift.


- Internet Banking

You can make donations via e-banking service (please check the List of Banks with the service available). You can give through your account or by credit card.

a. Choose "Charity Donation" and select “HONG KONG CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST LIMITED”.

b. Enter your mobile phone number for “bill number”.

c. Fill in the online “Donation Form” to let us know how you designate your gift.


- Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible.

- The service provider will charge a transaction fee of HK$1.52 or 0.5% of the payment (the higher one will be charged) per successful payment via PPS. Thus, you are recommended to donate at least HK$100 if you use the service.

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