Payment Methods

Crossed ChequeATM Direct TransferAutopayCash DepositOnline BankingPPS
By Crossed Cheque(*):
Kindly cross and make your cheque payable to "Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ Ltd.".
By Bank Direct Transfer through Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and keep the original bank transfer receipts (*) Account Name: Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ Ltd. :
HSBC : 848-258695-292 or
Hang Seng Bank: 286-273677-001 or
Bank of China : 012-725-0-000723-7
By Autopay:
1. Please download and fill in the direct debit authorization form (English version or Chinese version).
2. For more information about setting up the autopay instruction, please contact the accounting department by calling 2753-8887 or through email to
By Cash Deposit at Bank Counter and keep the bank deposit receipts(*):
Bank Of China: 012-725-0-000723-7
By Online banking:
HSBC : 848-258695-292
Hang Seng Bank: 286-273677-001
Bank Of China : 012-725-0-000723-7

Please put your name as the reference of the transaction. After finishing the online transaction, please print-screen the record and send us through email ( with your name, mailing address and phone number (if you would like to get an official receipt for your donation).

Starting from 1st April 2013, you can donate via PPS. Our Merchant Code is "6197". Click Here to see more.
Please enter your mobile phone number as the Bill Number and fill in the online form after donation :「Online Form」


(*)Please indicate at overleaf of cheques or bank receipts with the name of staff member, ministry, and/or project that you would like to support, including the donation amount for each. Please also attach a note indicating your name, mailing address (if you are a new donor), and phone number so that we can send you an official receipt for your donation.

Please mail the cheques or the original bank receipts to:
Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ
Accounting Department
Concorde Road P.O. Box 83359, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Supporting more than one staff members or ministries:
You can send us a cheque or make one donation via ATM to support more than one staff members, ministries, participants of mission trips, etc. Please state your designation of donations clearly in addition to your personal information.
Deadline Arrangement in Tax Year 2016/17:
Crossed Cheque: The deadline is 31st of March and the valid date should subject to the postmark. For postmark date on or after 1st April, payment will be regarded as in Tax Year 2017/18; ATM Direct Transfer: Please finish the payment on or before 31st March, and send us the original bank receipts and relevant information as soon as possible.  For enquiries, please contact our accounting department by calling 2753-8887 or through email to

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